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Introduction to Indonesia

Indonesia is a world's largest archipelago, it composed of seventeen thousand islands. Jakarta is the capital city of the country. The islands straddles the divide between the Asian and Australian continental plates. Indonesia is an ideal destination of adventure and eco travel because there are many mountains and volcanoes, unexplored rain forests, thousands of miles of beaches, and endless offshore reefs support a dazzling abundance of wildlife. This island are rich in seafoods, fruits and vegetables, and more. Indonesian are respectful people, because they are many traditions and beliefs that they applied in their daily life, aside from the traditions of Muslim. 

Indonesia's national flower is Melati Putih, a small white flower with sweet fragrance, has long been considered as a sacred flower in Indonesian tradition, as it symbolises purity, sacredness, graceful simplicity and sincerity. The other popular flowers grown on the islands are gladiolus, chrysanthemum, aster, gerbera, dahlia, anthurium, polyanthus tuberose, lilies, rose, lavenders, eucalyptus deglupta and amorphophallus titanum

Send Flowers to the Indonesia

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Flowers are a part of the most important occasions in our lives. They are conspicuously present on birthdays, funerals, graduation, weddings, etc.Flowers can express love by giving a person of flowers, it conveys good wishes or solemn sympathy. Red roses are given to those who you want to show love and passion, people who you have great respect for, and those who have shown great courage. Yellow roses mean a bright, cheerful and joyful. It creates warm feelings and provides happiness. Gerbera means cheerfulness and happiness. Anthurium means hospitality. Sunflower symbolizes adoration, loyalty and longevity.