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Agent Parnership Policy

We, My Global Florist has authorized the agent, the right to recruit a florist after a successful registration process took place and paid base on the commission from the sales of the florists he/she recruited in the company.


We will not collect any kind of fee upon registration except the necessary requirements needed to validate the identity of the agent.


The agent has the option to choose what terms of payout and percentage of commission whichever is just for both parties.

The agent will handle his/her own online dashboard for monitoring purposes and will work according to his/her availability and is expected to be diligent to fulfill the duties agreed and possessed practical knowledge related to the line of work.

Interested agents must have:


1.      bachelor’s degree in any discipline

2.      At least background in selling.

3.      Good communication and people skills.

4.      A bank account to transfer the commission.

5.      Relevant materials including laptop or cell phone and access to internet to monitor the dashboard and to do the job effectively.

6.      A personal email account and contact number.

7.      Time availability to do the job.

8.      A space or place to do the job.

9.      2 copies of valid ID.

10.  A copy of Police Clearance or NBI.

11.  A copy of NSO.


Further details will be disclosed upon contact.