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Florist Partnership Policy

We, My Global Florist, would act as a platform for every successful registered florist worldwide at definitely no cost. The florist will only register online and submit the necessary requirements into us for validation.


The florist will handle its own dashboard and allowed to upload all products, details, and policies related to the flower shop business only, provided by the company.


A percentage agreed upon by both parties will be added to your product price as a commission for the company


The partner has the option to choose what terms of payout and percentage of commission whichever is just for both parties.


Interested florists must have:


1.      A registered flower shop and business permit or any proof of legality.

2.      Internet connection, to operate and monitor the dashboard and orders effectively.

3.      A bank/PayPal account for mode of payment.

4.      Owned a product picture similar to the actual product delivered, to be displayed on the website.

5.      A telephone or cell phone number and any email account of the business itself.

6.      Manpower to do the operations enough to deliver a satisfying service.

7.      An ability to deliver the ordered products either owned or by third party courier.

8.      Policies on delivery, cancellation, refund, and etc.,


Further details will be disclosed upon contact.