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Shipping Policy




You can always check the status of your order on your registered email and  in our order tracking system
After the successful confirmation of your order, it will be passed on the processing area of the merchant or partner within (12 – 24 hours).
Your order will be based on your requested date of delivery.
Same day and next day delivery are also available depending on the merchants
Once the order is confirmed and packed by the merchant, the item now will be shipped to the recipient based on the selected delivery date. The order will be processed for shipping once payment is clearly verified. Shipping fee will be based on your selected shipping option.
Order status will be changed into "delivered" once the customer already received the ordered items. We will notify the customer through email immediately.
Free Shipping & Discounts
You may look out for some promotions on the product pages to get more discount and free delivery charges.
Packing Details
We at My Global Florist give our partners the standards on proper packing of every item to meet the customer’s satisfaction. They are given the procedures and manuals on the proper packaging of order to maintain the good quality of the items until it will be delivered to our customers.
What should customers expect;
  • Documents (2 copies of DF, receipts from Courier etc.. )
  • Box of Bouquet wrapped with transparent plastic.
  • Separate box for add on products